St Endellion E.D. Map+Polling Stations+2009 Results


St Endellion Electoral District Map and Polling Stations

Elector Areas + Elector Numbers

St Peter’s Church Rooms, Port Isaac.                                           NEN1: 1-633
The School Room, Trelights Methodist Church, Trelights. NEN2: 1-210
The Percival Institute, St Minver.                                                 NMH1: 1-525
The Institute,Rock.                                                                              NML1: 1-823
Marine Wildlife Area Visitor Centre,Polzeath.                         NML2: 1-284
Marine Wildlife Area Visitor Centre,Polzeath.                         NMH2: 1-232
St Kew Parish Hall, St Kew                                                                NKW3: 1-102

Voting Times : 07.00AM – 10.00PM


Candidate                            Party                            Votes       %
Brian Allan Gisbourne   Conservative              539       39%     Elected
William Josiah Dawe       Independent              346       25%     Not elected
Harvey Lander                  Liberal Democrat      329      24%    Not elected
Angus Lamond                  Independent               157       11%    Not elected

Voting summary:

Total votes 1371
Electorate 2850
Ballot Papers Issued 1385
Number of ballot papers rejected 14
Turnout 48%

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