Manifesto Cover Letter – CC LGE 2009

July 2010. Below is my Manifesto Cover Letter of May 2009 – in advance of the Cornwall Council Local Government Election of June 2009 in the electoral district of St Endellion which stretches from Port Isaac via Polzeath to Rock and inland towards but not including St Kew. The election was won by a Conservative Party member and  threw up serious issues concerning Electoral Law and the manner in which it is/is not applied in Cornwall and the  UK in general. Those are being addressed here:

Campaign For ‘One Person-One Vote’ Democracy In Cornwall (and the UK!)

Progress will be made!

May 2009.

Dear Elector

After 30 years living in North Cornwall and contributing to community life, particularly between Boscastle and Rock, campaigning on environmental and other issues in North Cornwall, across Cornwall and beyond and meeting the challenges of setting up or assisting community projects, I am now eager to put that experience to good effect on your behalf by standing for election to the new Cornwall Council on June 4th.

The middle tier of Cornwall’s District Councils has been removed and we now have a massive difference in scale of responsibility between the 123 member Cornwall Council and the town and parish councils. A major challenge of this restructuring (whether anyone was asking for it or not!) will be for Cornwall Council councillors to function at a demanding level of overview of Cornwall’s affairs while simultaneously bridging that gap to ensure that town and parish voices are heard loudly and clearly by Cornwall Council in Truro.

For this to work we will need to rapidly develop sensitive and responsive channels of communication accessible to all. I have set up this web site to offer such a level of responsiveness for the election campaign and, should I be elected, to help represent you in Truro.  If elected I would publish regular news updates here on both local and Cornwall-wide issues and outcomes.

These are my e-mail and mobile contact details should you wish to convey any points that need to be addressed or help my campaign team in any way:


Following the C4 ‘Cream Teas and Concrete’ documentary and subsequent Angela Lees report in the early 1990s, North Cornwall District Council went on to make huge strides in, among other areas, developing excellent standards in business support strategies, care of the coastal environment, beach safety provision and support for both the young and elderly. If elected, I would seek to ensure NCDC’s best practices are kept alive through the new Cornwall Council and emulated elsewhere across Cornwall.

I am confident I can put my energy and broad experience of life in North Cornwall and wider Cornwall through involvement in Beach Safety, Education, Independent Financial Services and the Arts, along with public service when a St Breock Parish councillor and working with NCDC and CCC on a range of issues over the last 30 years to good effect. Should I be privileged to be elected to work on your behalf as a member of Cornwall Council I would promote the development of modern perspectives, policies and strategies in business, social responsibility and environmental care to help ensure Cornwall and her people are best positioned to prosper in the difficult times ahead.

The communities on and around the banks of the River Camel Estuary enjoy a unique and precious environment and high level of social cohesion and trust. It will be a good thing if those elected locally to the new Cornwall Council work together to create a united collective presence in Truro. Having worked in various contexts with most of the leading contenders in the neighbouring electoral districts over the years I would seek to work with them to make that happen.

This web site includes:

1. My manifesto perspectives, positions and pledges – HERE.

2. Some examples of Press action in relation to local and wider issues – HERE.

3. Some of my earlier efforts in our area which demonstrate my keen sense of public service and my determination and tenacity in the pursuit of socially and environmentally beneficial causes and results – HERE.

4. Election Advertisement – HERE .

Additional material will be added and can be accessed by clicking the tabs on the header. I will, of course, be pleased to take on board other issues that you feel are also important.

Vote for me on June 4th. We can then work together to look after the best interests of St Endellion District and get cracking with making Cornwall’s presence in the world even bolder, dynamic, prosperous, confident and self-assured.

Yours sincerely

Angus Lamond